Thursday, April 24, 2014

5 10 and 50 years from now

Five years from now I don't see a whole lot changing in landscape however I think by then our resources will be almost gone because no one uses moderation any more. Oil will probably run out, the Earth's ozone layer will be more messed up and I am sure more violence and riots will ensue. I definitely think stupidity will rise because like the movie says all the stupid people have a shit ton of kids and because of that smart people don't because lets face it the stupid will rub off them. Parents let kids talk back to them, they cuss up a storm and even worse when I am on duty at my job I have to baby sit because parents just let their kids run ramped through the store. Honestly I see more of a Hunger Games theme going on in the near future. Where we get separated by how rich or poor we are. States are already making talks of separating from the union so I would imagine we would be living a life style like the civil war times. I would imagine that all the past fashions would become popular again (because thus far thats what happens) except instead of wearing shit like YOLO and Swag they will probably be wearing some other stupid abbreviation.

I will hopefully own my own business and give more than I receive. There are tons of foundations out there and causes that I myself have lived through that need help. I am a cosmetologist and a photographer so that is what my business would consist of and a coffee/bakery shop next door for my mom so she is taken care of. I don't think I will be married because I am too ambitious and because I am constantly moving forward it just never seems to stick with anyone but I am sure I will have a boyfriend. I won't have kids due to my outlook stated in the above paragraph. I bet my best friend and I will get a reality tv show because everyone will love us and we will either live together or really close. 

I doubt much will happen with entertainment, however Korea is very advanced in their technology that I am sure it will spread. Cure for cancer or HIV will never be made at least not announced publicly because too many people would lose their jobs. 

Hopefully in 50 years I will be dead.   

Thursday, April 17, 2014

week 13

This week we read Aquatic Uncle in class, for the last week I have been trying to understand what you meant by written in a genre or with elements of a genre and after reading this story I understand what you mean. For this particular story I felt like this was a mix between a sci fi and a fantasy story, which I actually prefer reading over straight sci fi. I especially liked this story because even though it didn't go too much into detail about the characters I can totally get a read of who they are by the way they interact with each other and what they say which I didn't get from the reading last week. I found the relationship between the great uncle and the boy very relatable because I feel like I have that kind of relationship with my grandparents because we grew up in different times we don't always see eye to eye. Because of that relation to the story I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

week 12

We read Bloodchild in class and I feel like it wasn't bad but I didn't I didn't walk away wanting to read it again or read more. I have read short stories with more description with their characters and descriptions as well. For me I am very empathetic and I just couldn't understand the characters at all. Not saying she is a bad author or her story wasn't good because the reproduction scene was really well written but I just prefer to make a connection with the characters.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

week 11

I found this week's choice very interesting. The piece I chose to read was Snow Crash which was really interesting to me because it was surrounded by the advancement of technology and the entire universe even the characters were run by it. I also loved the movie choice this week, the visuals were so awesome and I love the transition of the worlds or situations. It was so inventive how the artists and the director came up with such beautiful alternate universes and even though they are beautiful it's almost like they are scary as well, like when the man is in the elevator with the young girl and then he gets stuck on the 17th floor, or the dolls on the parade float or even the fairy almost getting caught by the tree limbs. It's just a really awesome balance I think and really innovative.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

week 10

I feel like week 9 and week 10 have a lot of similarities as far as the type of style this topic is. I decided to focus on Dune this week which as I have just stated I find very similar rather than different than last week. I found a lot of anthropological type fiction. It is very in-depth as far as worlds, governments and economics go. for example the spice planet where people gather up the spice needed to uphold the economy and the people who live there adapt with the environment and one of those ways is their eyes change. I think of it as a very advanced version of the world today in the setting of other worlds.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Week 9

I read Stars by Destination for this weeks assignment and I find a somewhat common theme to these science fiction novels about space life and futuristic realities. One of which is political and economic governments of different planets or ships which I make a connection with the differences in the economics and politics of the world we live in now. It's almost like an anthropological advancement in the species, taking knowledge of present time and pushing the boundaries to evolve it in a way where it could happen that universe. Another thing that is very aware in these stories are good verses evil. Especially in Star Wars where Luke spends a lot of his life being good and learning the right way of things and wanting to defeat "the dark side" then come to find out he is of the dark side. In this particular example good and evil are defined by color especially in their weapons. I guess in a way they are trying to condition people to choose a side and know the consequences weather good or bad that come with that decision, which a lot of people might find helpful in their moral compassing strategies.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mythic Fiction

This week I read Ananzi Boys by Neil Gaiman and I have also read the Sandman graphic novels too. I love his writing style because he has such a sense of humor that's subtle but noticeable. I find myself laughing throughout his books that I read. Any way I liked Ananzi Boys however I wish that I would have picked a different story to read for this week because this book was taking place in the real world and I guess I wanted to read something a little less familiar. Since I have read the Sandman books I would rather talk about that because I thought it was so unique to recreate the mythological stand points of several different myths. There was some Greek mythos and I also recognized Thor and Loki being in the midst of this series which is Norse mythos. One example of recreating a myth is the Thor and Loki example. Loki is portrayed in this story as a bad guy I mean it's stated that he is a trickster but the way he talks and what he does goes beyond basic trickery. I also found it really interesting the way they were drawn and designed for this project. I think next year or maybe in a year further down the road you should offer that as a reading choice for one of the weeks.